Monday, November 15, 2010

Trainin' It


Before leaving Asilah, we had one last chance to capture a few more images from the pretty medina (and just outside of the medina).

Then, we headed back by train again to Rabat because Karla, Gary and Grace had a plane to catch the next morning and more high-pressure, last-minute shopping to do in Rabat...

A word about the rail system in Morocco. The trains in Morocco aren't bad at all, although they are often running 10-15 minutes behind schedule (which is available on the internet at the oncf site). Going by train may take longer, but it's more pleasant than driving. So, if a city is on the train line, that's usually how we choose to get there.

Now, if you were riding on our train, and wanted to squeeze into a seat in our compartment (if we hadn't taken them all), who would you most like as your riding companion(s)?

Karla and Gracie (aka mini-G)?


Gary (big G)?

Bob? (be prepared to sit quietly and study Arabic flashcards, though...)


or me (aka Number One Auntie)?

Don't we look like a fun group?

Oddly enough, no one else tried to join us...

A bientot,


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