Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Next Stop: Tetouan


After leaving Chefchaouen, we headed out toward Tanger and Cap Spartel. En route, we stopped in Tetouan, at the base of the Rif Mountains.

Tetouan was the capital of the Spanish Protectorate in Morocco until Morocco's independence in 1956. The Spanish influence is clear in some of the architecture and in the prevalence of Spanish (not French) spoken as many people's second language.

Tetouan's medina has been designated a world heritage site because it remains largely untouched by modern development, although the city has begun to see some investment elsewhere, including in the pretty parks that surround the medina.

While there, we checked out the Ethnographic Museum, where Anna went wild taking photos of the exhibits, the cool building (with the painted doors), and her mother (who struck a few poses).

Look who also liked the museum...

Before leaving, we lunched at a tasty grill/sandwich shop, where sandwiches, fries and sodas for our group of eight cost about $11.

Then it was off to the sea and Le Mirage...

A bientot,


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